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COVID-19, Taxes and Office Operations

Tax season is being made more challenging for clients and accountants alike this year due to the COVID-19 virus. We are taking every step possible to ensure the health and safety of clients and staff. We have in place the tools needed to continue to run our operations smoothly and meet your tax and business needs.

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community we request that you provide documents digitally via email, Dropbox, or the shared online platform of your choice. Our email addresses are to the right of this message. You can you use these addresses for sharing online documents in Dropbox or other platforms.

Alternatively you can put documents through the mail slot to the right of our door. This will create delays as documents are being held in quarantine until considered safe to handle. 

We will contact you when your accounting documents or income tax return is complete.

We will email, mail, or fax documents for review, discussion, and signature depending on your preference.

We are currently not open for in-person meetings. Until further notice all meetings will be by telephone or online. Please contact us to arrange a meeting if required.


Greg, Erica, and staff.

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Your small business 
is your livelihood. You have put all of your energy into making it survive and grow. As a business owner you have many tasks. Administration work is likely the least of your favourite. You know there must be a better way to run your business, some way to improve it, but this is currently out of reach.

Some accounting firms focus on tax, but at today's rates, tax is about 13% of your corporate income. We focus on 100% of your entire business. We offer virtual financial officer presence so you can focus on what you want to every day. This is what you want and this is what your business needs.

Business Administration is our strong point and we live it every day. Simply put, you cannot  improve what you do not measure. We measure everything. We can help you measure your business and improve it. This is how we run our business. 

As a business owner you need to drive - drive the business, drive sales, drive in the direction to your success. You are the CEO. The CEO of any business should not spend the time required for administration, accounting, and government compliance. This is not why you started your business.

A virtual financial officer provides the required resource without the expense of additional office space, salaries, equipment, or software, and will reduce year end accounting fees. With timely financial reporting and solid advice you will be prepared to guide your business in the desired direction.

When you are ready to improve your business connect with us. We want to work with you.

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